A Russian manicure (or “e-file” manicure) is performed by an electronic file, cuticle pushers and scissors in order to remove excess cuticles. Prior to this the nail bed is being filed in order to create a desired form and cleaned up with mostly two different drills. The tools always go through a three-phase disinfection and sterilization process, which is an important part not to be skipped.

Gel polish has become the most popular long-lasting coating within the last years. But what is it exactly? Gel polish (gelllak) is a complex of acrylic monomers and oligomers that are cured (bond together) under UV or LED light. This composition ensures durability of the coating up to 2 weeks, but it can also last up to 4 weeks if you’re careful with your nails.

Is it harmful for your nails? No, when it’s done properly. However, the removal of gel coating can have bad influence on your nails when it’s not done correctly. That’s why avoid peeling it off yourself

BIAB – Builder In A Botlle is also called the builder gel sometimes. This product helps you to strengthen the nails (must-have for weak and damaged nails!), to repair one broken nail by creating an extension or to just create a smooth look. It also contains the needed nutrition for your nails which helps them to get stronger and healthier when being used on a regular basis. BIAB can be applied as base coat under your gel polish for some reinforcement, but the beautiful nude palette allows it to be also used alone.

Gel extensions is the genius way to get longer and stronger nails. This process involves hard gel built on a natural nail with the help of a nail form and cured with UV light. The only ‘’con’’ here: your nail cannot be bitten to the quick and needs to have a bit of length. If you’re a nail biter I’ll rely on another method: extension with the help of soft gel tips, coming in different sizes and shapes. Another ‘’pro’’ here: it’s quicker than gel building.